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How to Bid


​Contact advisory at:

See the bidding pamphlet at the bottom of the page.

Bid Committee Bidding Requirements

The below requirements are necessary to put on a full bid at the conference. All incomplete bids will be
considered a token bid.
1. Bid committees must have at least three (3) members of AA who are under thirty-five (35) years
old with at least one (1) year of continuous sobriety. Committee must include a chair, secretary,
treasurer, and hotel chair.
2. Provide a mailing address for the committee (a PO box is preferable)
3. Bid committees must include in their bid package an unsigned draft of a contract from at least one
but preferably two hotels for a weekend falling between July - October.
4. There will be a maximum of 20 minutes for the presentation of each bidding city
5. Bids must display a positive relationship and participation with AA service structure below the
group including but not limited to local district, area and intergroup
6. Must provide a statement illustrating their reasons for bidding, and how hosting the conference in
their area will serve to carry the AAs message to the alcoholic.

Bid Committee Budding Guidelines

Below are suggested guidelines to include in a bid. They are what has worked in the past.
1. All contracts should include:
a. Proposed dates
b. Maximum of one hundred fifty (150) room nights total (seventy five each for both
Saturday and Sunday)
c. A flat room rate if possible (the same rate for single, double, triple, or quad occupancy)
d. Proposed Food and Beverage commitment, if any
e. A ballroom with a five hundred (500) person capacity
f. Three or four other rooms or break out rooms with a fifty (50) person capacity
g. Two meeting/conference rooms available for the exclusive use the host committee and
advisory council for the duration of the conference

2. A treasurer’s report and / or accounting statement must be included. The Treasurer must
demonstrate the committee’s financial responsibility and autonomy in keeping with the spirit of
the Seventh Tradition. A statement of understanding that the host committee agrees to turn over
all proceeds over expenses from their conference have been settled to the advisory council within
30 days of the end of the conference.
3. Bid package may include letters of support from both Areas 30 and 31 along with statements
from these areas which states there is no known large scale AA event in the local community 30
days before or after the conference. Proposed dates for the conference are not to fall within 30
days of any large scale national, regional, or local AA conference.

Bid Committee Bid Package Checklist

You should come to MSCYPAA with the following items in your bid package in order:
1. Membership Roster which lists members name, contact information, sobriety date, and service
position on the committee.
2. A contract or written agreement, unsigned, from each of your potential hotels or conference
3. The committee’s post office box or mailing address, and the URL of any websites, social
networking pages or groups, or any other web / internet presence.
4. A treasurer’s report of all income and expenses of the bid committee.
5. A written statement of understanding that the Host Committee shall turn over all funds after
conference expenses to the Advisory Council within thirty (30) days after the last day of the
6. A statement illustrating the committee’s reason for bidding and how hosting the conference in
your area will serve to carry the AA message to other alcoholics.
7. Letters of support from the area committee and district committee of the planned conference site,
including a statement from both the area and district that there is no known large scale AA event
30 days before or after the proposed dates for your conference. Proposed dates for the conference
are not to fall within 30 days of any large scale national, regional, or local AA conference.
8. Pre-Registration flyer in the event you are awarded the conference. Flyer should not include
dates. Only “MSCYPAA ## and Region”
9. If at all possible, please try to bring enough copies of your bid package for all members of
advisory and one copy for the MSCYPAA Archives


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