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MSCYPAA Advisory Preamble
The Massachusetts State Conference of Young People in Alcoholics Anonymous (MSCYPAA) was first established in 1985 with the purpose of furthering the principles of service, recovery, and unity among young people in Alcoholics Anonymous. The same year an Advisory committee was established for the continuation of a young people’s conference in Massachusetts that would carry the message to all those suffering from alcoholism, as well as provide an opportunity for young AA members from all over Massachusetts to join in sharing and experiencing recovery, unity, and service.  

Since our reformation in 2011 we of the Advisory Council have set to establish and preserve MSCYPAA through the thirty-six principles of Alcoholics Anonymous and our shared experience. As our predecessors, we too think it beneficial to establish a custodian to preserve the efforts and experience, lest they be lost. We believe in the shared experience of MSCYPAA service committees and the continuation and growth of service throughout Massachusetts.  Being cognizant that not all young people find our conference or meetings necessary, we do not propose to be a universal answer or governing body for young people. We believe it is beneficial to share our experience with all who request our help. We shall offer information and experience regarding young people's committees and young people's home groups referencing the twelve steps, traditions and concepts of AA's shared experience.


Past MSCYPAA Conventions

1. MSCYPAA I (1985) Westboro: H.O.W. How It Works, Honesty, Open-mindedness, Willingness
2. MSCYPAA II (1986) Springfield: Together We Can
3. MSCYPAA III (1987) Burlington: Let the Miracle Happen
4. MSCYPAA IV (1988) Hyannis: Recovery Through Unity
5. MSCYPAA V (1989) Danvers: Growing Up in Recovery
6. MSCYPAA VI (1990) Worcester: A Vision For You
7. MSCYPAA VII (1991) Mansfield: Out of the Dark, Into the Light
8. MSCYPAA VIII (1993) Cambridge: I Can’t, We Can
9. MSCYPAA IX (1993) Leominster: Courage to Change
10. MSCYPAA X (1994) Lowell: Share the Miracle
11. MSCYPAA XI (1995) Falmouth: Step Into Action
12. MSCYPAA XII (1996) Springfield: Growth Through Participation
13. MSCYPAA XIII (1998) Boston: There Is A Solution
14. MSCYPAA XIV (2000) North Andover: Carrying the Message into the New Millennium
15. MSCYPAA XV (2011) Cambridge: Restored to Sanity
16. MSCYPAA XVI (2012) Newton: Entire Psychic Change
17. MSCYPAA XVII (2013) Burlington: It Works
18. MSCYPAA XVIII (2014) Hyannis: The Bridge of Reason
19. MSCYPAA XIX (2015) Worcester: Rocketed Into the Fourth Dimension 
20. MSCYPAA XX (2016) Springfield: Life Will Take On a New Meaning
21. MSCYPAA XXI (2017) Lowell: Trudge the Road of Happy Destiny
22. MSCYPAA XXII (2018) Foxboro: Another Kind of Flight
23. MSCYPAA XXIII (2019) North Shore: A High Road to a New Freedom
24. MSCYPAA XXIV (2022) South Shore: Desired Shore of Faith

25. MSCYPAA XXV (2023) Central Mass: The Central Fact of our Lives

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